"Around the Table" by McBride, Martina
Martina McBride enjoys entertaining millions of fans on the road as one of country music's most beloved singers. In this book Martina shares her most inventive party ideas for all seasons.

WAG Magazin

   "On a recent Friday evening, Jackie Ruby's kitchen was filled with fresh ingredients from Arthur Avenue, along with decanted wine and two Valentinos in chef's coats - one, a small, fluffy dog; the other, a chef visiting from Italy who's about to whip up a feast from antipasto to dessert.
   A mid preparations, Jackie (also known as WAG's Saucy Realtor), George Valentino Pestritu and his wife and business partner, Larisa Lavinia Laudat, relive a memorable day two years ago when Jackie and husband Doug were vacationing in Italy and the two couples ended up cooking together from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. ..." Read more

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