Private chef

Private chef, in your own villa for a day, a week or a month at your disposition for a meal or a full day service. Savor Italian meals inspired by your personal and your chef suggestions, with respect for the natural course of seasons. This service gives you the possibility to enjoy more your villa with its dining areas or alfresco patios, relaxing with your family and friends after a day of exploring the marvelous Tuscany. 

cooking school

Cooking school lessons, having the joy of preparing your own Italian lunch or dinner under the watchful eye of your Chef , from appetizers to desserts. Enjoy a tour to the local markets for the freshest ingredients, learning and tasting from the producer and feel the Italian spirit. Experience the art of making fresh pasta, learn new kitchen techniques with special tips from your Chef, delight in new flavors and aromas and relish the relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Wine celler tours

Wine cellar tours, having your own  personal wine expert to get you in personal touch with Tuscany's sangiovese grape and other varietals and its famous appellations will be an unforgettable memory, whether you choose to visit a small producer or a well-known winery estate. Not just the pleasure to taste Tuscan wines, but also the possibility to have lunch prepared at the estate or enjoy a special picnic along the way.

Cheese and wine

Wine tasting seminar, learning the wine tasting technique through our senses and tactile sensations and tips for the most enjoyable food pairings with your own private Sommelier AIS ( Associazzione Italiana Sommeliers).Transform your pre dinner time in a knowledgeable , quality and funny one, creating a memorable event to be discussed with friends over a glass of wine. And remember that a good bottle of wine is to be open when you are at least two tasting it!

Cheese tasting seminar, letting us plan a culinary adventure for your palate, exploring these centuries old  Italian delights, being guided by a certificated cheese taster ONAF (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Formaggio), and with nothing to stop us from pairing  with Tuscan wines and other gourmet food.

Pizza parties

Special events, organizing a special menu  featuring your favorites and your chef's specialties and your wine expert's choices with festive table dressings and beautiful Italian music to make any special event unforgettable, especially an anniversary our birthday.   

Pizza parties, enjoyable and informal evenings, create and make your own pizza.

Special events

N.B. For other requests we can suggest a professional concierge.