What our clients say about us

September 2019, Bill P.
"They recommended a local husband and wife cooking team, Tastemotions, who prepares incredible dinners for our group. It was an affordable luxury that made all the difference in the world."

July 2019, Mario M.Cheltenham, England
"The other "luxury" that was recommended and was worth splashing out for, was having Valentino and Larissa come to cook dinners for us. Valentino is a great and inventive chef, and Larissa the most charming hostess. Excellent !!! "

July 2019, Alison H., Scotland
"They had recommended Tastemotions (Larisa and Valentino) for coming to the villa to cook a meal for us. They came twice to cook for us and they were so delicious. We also went on a vine tour with Larisa which was fantastic, Larisa was a wonderful host."

August 2018, Rebekah K., New York
"Our biggest regret was not booking Tastemotions to cook for us every night. We booked them for three, and it was not enough. Their food was delicious, better than any restaurant we ate at. And having them cook for us made the vacation so relaxing."

August 2018, Tom H., Wales
"With Linda's help we arranged for local chef Valentino (from Tastemotions) to come to the villa; on the first night he cooked beautiful food, and on the second we had an engaging pasta-making lesson."

July 2018, Gerhard R.
"We HIGHLY recommend Tastemotions for their authentic, fabulous Italian cooking by Larissa and Valentino. They treat you with such kindness and respect, they take care of everything from setting the table, to serving their locally inspired food, to cleaning up afterwards. All at a very reasonable price!"

July 2018, David S.
"The highlight of the holiday was having Taste Motions in to cook and serve a meal one night the food was lovely with wine served to go with it I would recommend anyone staying to use them for at least one night during the holiday."

September 2017, Carolyn I.
"Lots of great food & wine thanks to our private chef & sommelier, Valentino & Larisa from Tastemotions, who our hosts recommended. Some of our best meals were in the villa."

September 2017, Jeff L., USA
"Villa manager also arranged for Chef Valentino and Larissa to cook dinner for our group of 9 adults on two nights. This was a culinary experience we will never forget. www.tastemotions.com "

September 2017, Mary Lynn S.
"Host arranged for a cooking lesson and dinner by Tastemotions. They were incredible. The best meal that we have ever eaten. We will definitely return. It would be hard to duplicate this experience."

June 2017, Kevin M.
"Best Italian food we have had in our lives...and the costs were reasonable considering chefs were preparing your dinner at your home. Also, our children have severe food allergies to all nuts, dairy, and eggs, and the chefs were meticulous in their preparation to avoid any allergic reactions, and give our kids the true Italian food experience without compromise - a true blessing for us!"

July 2016, Nadia V., Toronto
"I highly recommend bringing in Valentino and Larissa from Tastemotions for a cooking lesson and dinner. We had four children and four adults and had one of the most enjoyable evenings of our vacation making pasta from scratch. They are a lot of fun, knew how to work with kids and adults in a great atmosphere."

July 2016, Linda R.
"To hire a chef from Tastemotions for in-villa dining was one of the best things that we did."

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